When It Comes To Great Consumer Insight: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It…

Smart, forward-thinking brands understand that sharing their best data is a great way to set the agenda and position themselves as voices of authority, writes customer insight and loyalty expert Marie Anderson for Campaign Magazine. You can barely open a paper these days without a survey being quoted. Scots airline … Read More

How M&S can guarantee success for its ‘game changing’ loyalty scheme

M&S has launched what it believes is a ‘game changing’ loyalty scheme. Retail, customer insight and loyalty expert and Director at Maran Consulting, Marie Anderson, has unpicked the areas the retailer needs to focus on to success. Recently in Marketing Magazine, I argued retailers needed to innovate to reap the … Read More

Brands need to innovate like John Lewis to reap the benefits of loyalty rewards

Customers feel worn out, overwhelmed, annoyed and suspicious of loyalty schemes. But the fundamental business benefits endure and industry is ripe for innovation of the ilk of John Lewis’ Kitchen Drawer, says Marie Anderson, loyalty expert at Maran Consulting. Loyalty cards are everywhere. I can’t go shopping without someone at … Read More

Dave Lewis is steering Tesco through a ‘fundamental reset’ of how it does business

Dave Lewis is taking Tesco back to its roots and green shoots are starting to appear despite today’s tumble in profits argues retail, customer insight and loyalty expert Marie Anderson, director at Maran Consulting. I have said it before and I will say it again: it’s a tough time to … Read More

The Rise of the Customer Director

As John Lewis promotes Craig Inglis to a Customer Director role, here are our very own Marie Anderson from maran’s thoughts on the rise of the customer director in Marketing Magazine. Click here to read Sara Spary’s full article.   “I think that the rise of the customer director – or chief customer … Read More