photodune-549338-investment-charts-lMost businesses have more insight and data than they know what to do with, or indeed, can easily access. Customer research, customer data, transaction data, loyalty card data, social media data, customer service data, the list is almost endless. Few companies are using it to good effect.

At maran, we work with you to get the best out of your insight, by conducting primary customer research, selecting the right tools to use with your existing data sets, segmenting and visualising your data, assessing your business data needs, reviewing processes to ensure data is used at the critical points in your business, training your teams on how to use and communicate big data, turning it into valuable, actionable insight.

maran has a particular specialism in loyalty and customer data, and our team have experience working with Tesco Clubcard, Nectar, Co-operative Membership, M&S Sparks and the MVC More card. We also conduct qualitative and quantitative market research on behalf of our clients, using Market Research Society member researchers.